Light sculptures "LS"

Light sculpture series by TT Leozolt


Light sculpture LS1 by TT Leozolt

The first child of my wish to create art that is partly sculpture and partly image that can be mounted on a wall combined with active light. I developed the first image out of naturally shaped wood, raw steel frame, stone, diffuse polycarbonate plastic and a special film that has diffractive and reflective characteristics.

80cm x 80cm x 14cm - 2015-2016


Light sculpture LS2 by TT Leozolt

Looking for more visual depth and to give a better experience with gradual light diffusion I tried to get out the most of the special diffractive and reflective material I used within LS1. Wanting to use some higher grade material inside my works I chose to use raw silk and glass bead coatings to complement the scenery of LS2. (Sold)

50cm x 50cm x 6cm - 2016



Light sculpture LS3 by TT Leozolt

Looking to get more chaotic patterns and colors in the non-powered state I developed a scene with green and yellow sandstone fragments alternating on the faces of the vertical and horizontal bars, pigments, glass beads and raw silk tissue in a raw steel frame complemented by a uncentered pattern ascending in a spiral shape.

 30cm x 30cm x 16cm - 2016






Light sculpture LS4 by TT Leozolt

This sculpture started as a tribute to an earlier work that is still under development. I wanted to pass light trough white marble and create a surrounding scene that gives a gradual light and shadow of the central light. The final picture is a lot more simplistic than what I experimented with in the early stage of development. Overall this sculpture had me for the longest period of time and was actually finished after LS5 because I didn't find the right balance to compose the perfect sketch.

 30cm x 30cm x 16cm - 2016-2017




Light sculpture LS5 by TT Leozolt

Because I really like LS1 I wanted to make a simple version of it with different materials. This concept involves a hard material being bent in a soft pattern. The two stripes represent the female and male state each sharing a common central space and each having a separate space on its own on the sides. (Sold)


30cm x 30cm x 16cm - 2016




Light sculpture LS6 by TT Leozolt

Heading back to the wish to create work that is colorful without active lighting I composed a scene with a colorful lapis lazuli stone gravel background complimented by white marble stones. The rough but interesting background is softened by a colorfully pigmented set of stripes holding a fractured acrylic glass.

60cm x 60cm x 8 cm - 2017




Light sculpture LS7

 Pyramids! A lot of them with a central emitting light. This work is in the conceptual stage and inspired by LS4. The idea is to make the central light reflect in the pyramids which are purposefully printed in a shabby style to give more nuances of reflection and absence of perfectionism.

 60cn x 60cm x 8cm - 2017





This image plays with high contrast and shadows.
Because the light that comes out underneath the central element changes constanly there is an interesting change in the shadows which give the impression that the image mooves and changes shape.


60cm x 60cm x 8cm - 2017





LS9 (V1)

Field of 169 pyramides of different heights with a width of 60mm, each including 4 blue apatite and central light diffusion elements filled with crystal gravel and a glass bead on top.

80cm x 80cm x 12cm