my Name is Tristan Leonid Zoltan Thiltges and I use "TT Leozolt" as my signature. I am a Luxembourgish artist who made his first steps at creating sculptures at age 12 back in 1992. Today I focus on 3 main categories: Light & light sculptures, sculptures out of steel wood or stone and digital art.

I enjoy playing with light and shades in my work and use led lighting to fulfill that. The Ls series ranges from traditional to spiky eye-catching style and can be controlled wirelessly to set a range of standalone animations randomly setting the colors or can be controlled by popular light show or music software via the Artnet DMX protocol.

Because the lights request a lot of work and know-how to be sketched, planned and realized I use my remaining spare "free time" to make more traditional sculptures that do not require a power supply. I am somehow fascinated by very old wood and raw wood and sometimes prefer rough finish over polished perfectionism in my sculptures.