L1 - Plasma shade

Plasma shade lamp L1 by TT Leozolt

The first lamp I plan producing in a small series. The lamp can be made with different materials as base and top. Additionally, the height and texture of the shade can be varied. In contrast to the LS series, the L (Lamp) series features a button to switch between the inbuilt programs so that one does not need a wireless connection to switch the color or program. I plan on producing this model in different materials like different woods, concrete, epoxy concrete with lapis gravel infill, steel and different stone bases and top. The shade of this lamp is printed in transparent Petg plastic and has diffractive properties making the light appear as plasma strings.

The first lamp with an oak base and top with the SN:TTL1-00001 is sold but if you are interested you can contact me and I can produce one with the material of your wish.

Diameter 122mm, height can vary from 30cm to 48cm. (Standard 41cm)